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Originally Posted by PaniqL View Post

Sorry if its a bit unclear,

I just wanted to know if i will reach 50RMS when watching a film, and wanted to know the average volume for people when watching a film on a surround system,

Is there a chance that i can turn my volume too loud and damage the lower spec speakers?

Or will i not reach that?

Don't worry about the numbers, seriously. It's actually better to provide your speakers with more power than they are rated to handle (up to double the RMS rating is what I usually see as generally accepted) rather than less. Under powering your speakers is more of a threat to your speakers than overpowering due to clipping. Your speakers will only demand the power they need in the moment. If they demand more than your receiver/amp can provide you will get clipping which is the enemy of your speakers drivers. Also, since your speakers will only demand the power they need in the moment, having a 2000 watt amp powering a speaker rated at 50 watts RMS would be absolutely no problem until you turn the volume up beyond what would be comfortable to listen to.

As far as average listening volume, it can vary from person to person and room to room. For a very large room you might need to crank it up more to fill the room. I personally listen between -25dB and -20dB (bedroom). Just know that if you begin to hear distortion, you most likely have it up too loud. Otherwise, set it up and enjoy.

More knowledgeable people feel free to jump in and correct me if anything I said is incorrect or misleading.

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