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Originally Posted by Diesel View Post
I still fully expect Zelda for Holiday 2020. Nintendo needs a huge game to go up against the new console launches and Zelda or Mario is what would do the trick. It's also possible we hear about the next 3D Mario soon.

I still believe Holiday 2021 is possible but these days I am thinking it will be a March 2022 release.

Except they started working on Smash in late 2015 and had a large base to build off of with Smash Wii U. Metroid Prime 4 started from scratch at end of 2018/early 2019.
I think we are getting Odyssey II next year, instead of a Breath of the Wild II. IŽd guess Nintendo will try and launch the next model of the Switch again with a new main Zelda game 2021/2022. Also: It would be great, if they would remake Super Mario Land in the way they currently already released Links Awakening this year. And ports of 3D World and the two Zelda HD remakes.
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