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Originally Posted by Derb View Post
Problem I have with the triggers is they lose analog tension quite easily.
Problem I have with thumbsticks is 0 grip texture.
Personally since i had the original launch Dualshock 4 that had the rubber come off the sticks, i started using thumb grips. Not even ones that raise the height at first, and they seemed to really solve that issue and are dirt cheap. 2nd thing regarding the trigger tension i can't really say has affected me personally. Mine perform fine for what i do it seems.

If you play FPS games, Fortnite etc. i would say a mid height raised thumbsticks probably not a bad thing for the right stick. Then just use a normal grip on the left for movement. That way you have a 2nd backup set when you used it all up. I recently purchased a Kontrol Freeks Inferno on sale but in hindsight, a mid raised height like the "Galaxy" set might have been better but apparently that has a high and a mid. I don't know of exactly which one does a mid but i do intend to pick it up on sale should i see one. Certainly helped extend the life of the sticks imo. Now i just need a DS5 Back Button. Hopefully one thing they improve is how far down the buttons come. They seem a bit higher than i'd like personally having used an FPS Strikepack Dominator.
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