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Originally Posted by Derb View Post
I just use an Xbox Elite. Itís fine except for the bumper/R1/L1 buttons are cheap crap.

I want the DS5 stock controller to resolve those problems I have above without relying on 3rd party stuff.


For DS4 I use 3rd party grip-its. You can find them on Amazon real cheap. Not as good as stock Xbox though
Well, i'll be honest given the RRP they usually put the controllers on for, i'd like them to start using more premium materials. The Elite & Pro controllers are just absolute price gouges imo. However if Sony does a Dualshock 5 with the paddle/buttons it will hopefully be priced just a bit higher and can be found on sale at some point or they will release a paddle attachment like DS4. Which is BC and seems to work well enough for what it does. I guess it's all just muscle memory needing to be built with each version of paddles on various controllers.
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