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tell me how many of you bought the same title more than 3 times because of a new extra features version that was just released. I know i didn't. when x-men came out on dvd, i bought it. right before the release of x2, the studio decided to release x-men 1.5. and all it had was extra features compared to the original release and behind the scenes featurette for x2.
Well, if you're wondering why it was called "1.5", the original idea was that Bryan Singer really was going to film some new deleted script scenes for an "Extended Edition", Peter Jackson-style, while busy on the set for X2--
Unfortunately (as some of us didn't find out until we bought it), schedules and budget didn't allow it, and the "1.5" set ultimately kept the title but went out with the commentary and some making-of footage that the underwhelming first set was originally missing when it first rushed out.
But Fox had the release date, they'd advertised the pre-order, they were married to it, go figure.

What you're probably thinking of is "Spiderman 2.5" and all the other dopey promotional re-releases that mindlessly borrowed the cool decimal-point title idea without realizing why the first one used it in the first place...

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