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Originally Posted by tilallr1 View Post
The pictures are never accurate, and I am sure the housing will fit in your projector.

But those are knock-off replacement lamps. NOT OEM. Usually anytime they say the magic word replacement, its a knock-off and NOT OEM. The bulb itself might be OEM, meaning its from philips or what not. But the housing is NOT OEM. Thus the whole lamp assembly is suspect and definitely NOT OEM.

My suggestion is to look for an original OEM lamp from the manufacturer of your projector. Anything else, and you might be sorely disappointed, and potentially damage your projector.

Look at my experience below, with NON OEM lamp's:

Optoma has a website which sells original lamps. For the price difference, I wouldn't take a risk with any other lamp than a true OEM.

Thanks for your help. The only problem is that most sites don't ship internationally. What about this one? It's sold by directly(not a marketplace seller) and it says it's an OEM Optoma Lamp. There were other ones by Philips like you stated.

EDIT : I just noticed the Optoma link you posted. Checking to see if they ship internationally. Thanks for that.

EDIT #2: Unfortunately they don't ship internationally and the Asian website of Optoma doesn't as well. My nearest Optoma service center is in another city. As of now, the amazon link in this post is my last option.

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