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Originally Posted by James78 View Post
I haven't seen this film but several members have said it is the saddest film they have ever seen. I've put it on my rental list, but how often would one want to watch a film about starving wartime orphans? I'm sure it's brilliant, but I'm rather dreading watching it!
I know, but I think you should. The movie is excellent, but watch it with a dish rag next to you. I sent a copy to my sister and I told her: Listen, it's a great movie but I'm warning you about the ending. Months later, I was talking to her and I said, oh hey, how was that mooo <--that's all I got out when she suddenly spun around, stuck her finger in my face and said: Don't you EVER do that to me again! I replied, but it was an excellent movie! She said, yes it was, but that ending ripped me to shreds.

I will watch it again (in HD! thanks, Mifune) and cry beautiful, HD tears upon my dish rag.
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