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Originally Posted by crissrudd4554 View Post
The BDs of 4-6 are sourced from 2K masters made in 2004 for the original DVD release. Also many have complained about the colors of the BDs.
Wow, I don't doubt you, but that's an awful good 2k restoration then because it looks stellar from what I can see. I found myself pausing several times just to admire the picture. I didn't own releases prior to the blu and my viewings pre-Blu were sporadic to say the least, but I thought the color on the blu's was magnificent - seriously, I was admiring it (esp the look of R2D2 and C3PO). So if it wasn't in line with what some would have wanted or expected based on theatrical or previous releases, I'm not saying they might not have a point, but all I know is I thought it looked great.
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