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Default Which integrated amp plus Airplay streamer should I choose?

Okay so currently I have the Marantz PM7005 Integrated amplifier. I'm looking to add a streamer which supports Apple Airplay 2. I've also been thinking of adding a CD player (as I have hundreds of CDs). Plus I have been considering getting a turntable and getting into vinyl. The latter I'm still not sure of as I always import my CDs to my MacBook Pro in lossless.

So here are the different setups which I have thought of.

1. Keep my PM7005 amp and simply add the matching NA6006 streamer or the Bluesound Node 2i streamer.

2. Keep my PM7005 and add the matching ND8006 streamer + CD player combo unit.

3. Sell the PM7005 and get the Marantz PM7000N Amplifier + Streamer combo.

4. Same as #3 plus add a quality CD player (perhaps with SACD support although my Sony X800 4K BDP supports SACD).

5. Forgo Marantz and get the Cambridge Audio CXA80 (one locally for sale) plus matching CXN streamer. Then add a CD player and perhaps a turntable to that.

Any other suggestions are welcome but I really want something with Apple Airplay 2 support. The main reason is that I am likely going to be selling my Apple TV as I don't often care to use it much. Also for me to use Airplay with the ATV I need to have the TV turned on which I don't always want to do. My PM7005 amp is great and seems to have plenty of power despite it being just 70 watts/channel. Even the headphone jack sounds very good to my ears. My current speakers are the Paradigm Monitor 7 (version 7) which sound great overall. However I am looking to upgrade from those to something else. Perhaps something in the Paradigm Premier series or Martin Logan Motion series. Thank you for any and all assistance here. Much appreciated.
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