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Default DVDs with unconventional features?

The DVD standard had some features that were supported by nearly all the players at the time but were extremely uncommon and I honestly can't even remember what titles might've featured all of them.

One of these was Custom stop screens; The Platinum Collection Neon Genesis Evangelion DVDs were the only DVDs I remember coming across that actually featured these. If you pressed stop during playback, you would instead see a custom background graphic instead of the player default. Unfortunately I haven't had those discs in ages and I don't think any blu-ray player supports this anymore, but it's still something you can check for by just popping the disc in a DVD-ROM drive since they're stored in their own folder.

The other was the pan & scan option; even blu-ray players still seem to offer a pan & scan option in the TV aspect ratio settings but more often than not, it doesn't do anything different from the 4:3 letterbox setting, but I do remember coming across at least one disc that actually cropped the sides from the 1.78:1 picture to fill the screen.

Does anyone remember with certainy any titles that actually used these features?
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