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Originally Posted by Takeshi666 View Post
The other was the pan & scan option; even blu-ray players still seem to offer a pan & scan option in the TV aspect ratio settings but more often than not, it doesn't do anything different from the 4:3 letterbox setting, but I do remember coming across at least one disc that actually cropped the sides from the 1.78:1 picture to fill the screen.
Not sure if any player actually panned and scanned, but most offered a center crop of some kind. Pan and Scan would imply that the player shifted the frame horizontally to focus on action as well as jumping back and forth within that image.

I can't recall that many Pan and Scan DVDs (in the UK we mostly had widescreen releases to the choice US customers were given), perhaps a few were ports of VHS releases, but I can't remember any offhand.

Couple of DVDs gave the option to recut scenes, that was an unusual feature (was Bad Boys one of those?).
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