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Oh yeah, I remember some DVD having a feature where an icon would appear on the screen and it would play a relevant clip from the documentary. I think it's one of those features that's fairly easy to reproduce on blu-ray so it's not really unique to DVD.

Originally Posted by chip75 View Post
Not sure if any player actually panned and scanned, but most offered a center crop of some kind. Pan and Scan would imply that the player shifted the frame horizontally to focus on action as well as jumping back and forth within that image.

I can't recall that many Pan and Scan DVDs (in the UK we mostly had widescreen releases to the choice US customers were given), perhaps a few were ports of VHS releases, but I can't remember any offhand.
Yeah I imagine it was a far less common feature in the PAL regions I guess. And I know it wasn't "true" pan & scan, but the point still is that enabling it actually did something.

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Dual angles? This used to be available on old FUNimation DVDs, specifically of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT that I'm aware of. It was a really cool feature as it gave fans the possibility to experience both versions — Credits in Japanese & Translated in English.
Yeah, I remember this being probably one of the few instances of the multiple angle feature being put to any sort of use. Wish more of them did that.
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