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The original Nightmare on Elm Street box set had an extensive bonus disc "encyclopedia" that contained a "maze" minigame that unlocked various special features. Personally, I found it a pain in the butt, but a lot of folks look fondly back at it.

Reading some of the other posts here, I am reminded of the late '90s infomercial they used to sell DVD players and explain DVD technology. They so hyped up the "interactive" features, specifically multi-angle.

If I recall correctly, they had a whole segment demonstrating it using a fake "detective/crime" scene they made just for the infomercial, showing how different angles could be used to tell the story and reveal new things.

It's funny in retrospect, as the feature was barely used - it was one of those classic "cool features in search of content". It reminds me a bit of what then happened with BD-Live and the such.
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