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I'm new to VUDU recently. I noticed the aspect ratio of Batman Begins is full screen, zoomed in look, no black bars in HDX. I can watch the movie in HDX, HD, and SD. In SD it says 480p wide screen mode. When I view the movie in 480p it doesn't fix the aspect or make the movie look less zoomed in. Do people complain to VUDU about the OAR situation. Can it be fixed by an update or something? Also I used my Ultraviolet code to redeem and stream Cowboys and Aliens on blu ray. I've noticed something odd when watching this movie if anyone else has noticed or if it's just me. When the movie starts and it shows the Universal logo appearing on your screen during Universal promo it plays the music for DreamWorks and when the Dreamworks logo promo appears on your screen it plays the Universal music, weird right? I'm also planning on doing the disc to digital at Wal-Mart. I've never done it before. I have a question about this. The discs you bring is that the quality that you get when it is able to stream or is it what is available from Vudu? Also if I were to bring a DVD in that is in SD like Selena and I want it in HDX, is it just upcoverted from SD like blu ray players do to DVD's? Or is it the quality that is available on VUDU? Will Region B blu rays work? If anyone can help and has the information I'd really appreciate it.

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