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Originally Posted by mutelight View Post
Even then Forza 7 still has an edge on PC but it is very subtle.

For the most part the PC will look anywhere from better to significantly better with much higher frame rates. But then again, you could pull the "Red Dead 2" looks infinitely better on the Xbox since it isn't on PC yet.

If something looks better on the Xbox One X, it is due to the development not scaling to PC or giving proper care to the port.

Don't get me wrong, I like my Xboxes but I am just being real here.
There really isn't any noticeable difference between FM7 on PC vs X. There is a small difference in AA, but it's not visible from a normal viewing distance at such a high pixel density (both run at native 4K.)

Gears 4 may not have been the best PC port, but it does look slightly better on the X.

You can't reasonably expect a console to consistently compete with a high end PC, but it's still pretty impressive that the X can hold its own in some cases.
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