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Originally Posted by gbted1 View Post
Don, you're still here. I was afraid you had decided to pack it in. Great to see you're still on board!
its been crazy this week/weekend
i had family come into town for my daughters baptism yesterday

ive always been here in sirit, just havent had time to post

Originally Posted by fracturefixer View Post
I read them but must not have understood them correctly. MY BAD GUYS!!
no problems man.
wanna join my league?
we are going into season 2 starting next week

Originally Posted by pillBOXhat View Post
Since you have to wait 30 mins before advancing consecutive weeks, I will start simming the first season now. Slowly but surely by the weekend we should be up to the Rookie Draft and ready to start season 2. While I am simming the first season, the only responsibility of each is owner is to accept their Online Franchise invite and officially join the league.

It goes without saying, but trade proposals between owners may be carried out anytime until the trade deadline, which is Week 6 (Season 2). You may post players on your trade block but please carry out trade talk between owners through PMs (private messages). No need to clutter the forum. trading with the ai
maybe out a limit of 2 or 3 trades MAX per team per season.
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