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Originally Posted by GC Riot View Post
Two wrongs don't make a right. My point is that you could still make a guy- or girl-centric show, but treat both genders with respect and not let them fall into the regular stereotypes as they clearly did here, as that will only keep enforcing our already twisted world view of what a woman or a man "should" be like.
I disagree to a certain extent. While I guess I'm far less of a sexism police kind of person than most, I think to a certain degree, men and women naturally objectify the opposite sex (and it holds true for gays as well) to a certain extent (otherwise, how would you get it "up" for the opposite sex if physical attributes did nothing for you?) and if you are making a show catering to one specific gender, it's natural to adhere to some sexual objectification to appeal to the audience. I honestly don't find it a "wrong" if a girl-centric show objectifies a guy, speaking as a guy. If a girl-centric show has impossibly chiseled pretty boys with their shirts off all the time, I don't cry about objectification or sexism, speaking as a guy who has much more modest sexual appeal myself. It's cheesecake and I can understand that. Gender centric shows are by their very nature a type of escapism that I think is fairly harmless in controlled amounts. And we're not talking about depictions of rape or slavery here, just guys or girls running around half nekkid.

Now, if you have a general appeal anime like, say, a Miyazaki anime doing these things, I can understand the complaints as it is a grievous misjudgement of the target audience. Families watch certain movies and anime with a certain expectation and I feel like you should adhere to those rules by not including such elements.

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