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Originally Posted by Takeshi666 View Post
The other was the pan & scan option; even blu-ray players still seem to offer a pan & scan option in the TV aspect ratio settings but more often than not, it doesn't do anything different from the 4:3 letterbox setting, but I do remember coming across at least one disc that actually cropped the sides from the 1.78:1 picture to fill the screen.

Does anyone remember with certainy any titles that actually used these features?
There is a way to do variable pan and scan on DVD, I'm sure some discs used it. I'm 99% sure you could somehow embed positioning data in the video that would re-center the picture instead of just having the player do a center cutout.

Wipe and scroll effects on subtitles are almost never used. Karaoke titles perhaps?

I seem to remember you can technically do animated button highlights, but I haven't seen a disc that does.

Probably the best example is real seamless branching. The most recent DVD of The Iron Giant has it, the director's cut and the original cut are interleaved together. For a long time, the only way to do it was with a Toshiba DVD authoring system, but that's no longer the case.
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