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Originally Posted by Kinsella5 View Post
I started Saga with #1 as well but have not had time to read them yet. I know Fiona Staples is going to be here next year for out big comic-con in Seattle called Emerald City Comic-Con. If you want a show that is just as fun as SDCC without the chaos, check it out, March 1-3, 2013.

Another few series I have picked up but haven't read yet are The Massive from Dark Horse Comics, and Revival from Image Comics, which I have heard could be the next Walking Dead sleeper hit type.
If anyone hasnt read Saga, it just came out in trade (the first volume) for 9.99 which is a steal.

We have a really great con out here called Boston Comic Con, none of the hollywood BS and you get some great time to talk to the artists.

Revival has been nothing short of AMAZING. The 4th issue just came out yesterday. The best part for me with that series is the atmosphere, its what made me like Severed so much as well.
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