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Okay this is what I found the Master System glasses are by default shaded. When plugged into a 3.5 mm cable with no signal, both eyes open.

I guess that means that the shutter system does work and that presence of electricity on the eye's path represents open the eye.
This is the device I purchased on eBay it's called a 3D World x3d technologies VGA adapter.

Reading about it I see two VGA male ends and one of the male ends has a three prong cord and a 3.5 mm cord I don't know which end is in or which end is out. I'll assume the thicker end is the in end which means it takes a 3D signal in and uses that signal to turn on the sinker.

No I do have a crt vga. so I assume that means it'll go on instantly and be in sync without having to compensate for sync by having the CRT VGA monitor talk back to the device. or if it does it's built into the internal circuitry of this device.

I can't seem to get a signal out of it cuz I don't know where to place it along the line is it just before the monitor?

Also I don't know if my HDMI to VGA adapter is 3D compatible.

Also I don't know what frame rate and resolution is set at because I heard 60 hertz doesn't work with blu-rays. Should I assume you need 48 Hertz for a 24 Hertz by 2 eye presentation, or 120 HZ of a 60 Hertz by 2 eye presentation?

What playing with the TV resolutions help?

Finally if I want to send the 3D signal back to my capture card, is it correct to assume that I convert the signal after the split off between the conversion card and the TV? So at the path to the TV is alternate frames yet the path to the capture card is frame packed 3D?

also how could I be assured that a VGA to HDMI conversion card would correctly preserve the 3D 3d?

If my monitor doesn't have 120 HZ mode, does that just mean time to get a new monitor?

The main reason why I want CRT VGA 3D is because a the Sega Master System looks so impressive in 3D at home on a CRT, and two when controlling Sonic the hedgehog in Sonic Generations in 3D I don't want to be a frame or two behind like I am on my PlayStation 3D TV.

by the way here's the picture of my device if you want to see it.

By the way how come when I press photograph it doesn't let me take my camera picture and automatically load it. I have to find a website to post on.
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