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I have now been living with the SVS SB 3000 sub and 4 of the Prime Elevations for a month or so.

The Prime Elevations are a great surround solution. They match/blend beautifully with the Prime Pinnacles and Ultra Center. Only (very small) issue is that they only go down to about 55 Hz (according to SVS) so I would not recommend them for main speakers without using a sub, but for surrounds they are great.

As for the SB 3000, all I can say is YES! So much bass at my fingertips. Adding the 3000 to my system has changed my life.

My old BIC F-12 had been a constant battle to find balance. I would either not be able to hear it all or it would be overpowering during some scenes in movies. Now, with the dual set up (and more likely just because of the SVS SB 3000) I have deep, audible bass at just about any volume while watching movies. And this thing is awesome for music. Tight, responsive, authoritative bass. I have not even had to mess around with any placement changes or EQ since running Audyssey on my Denon.

Even my wife noticed the improvements. Right after we get the Sub hooked up we watched an episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier with a scene in a night club with thumping dance music. Her exact words were "Holy Shit!". And while watching movies in 7.1 with stuff coming from the back she responded with "Now that's cool". And not once has she asked me to turn it down.

So in short, I highly recommend the SVS speaker line. I have never been more happy with my home theater sound for both movies and music.
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