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At least it wasn't like my experience with Roberts Anime Corner.

Several months back I placed an order for multiple DVD's where the total came to a tick over $95. Got a confirmation email a couple days later that the order was received and being packed.

Took two weeks to finally get it in the mail, only to find out via the receipt in the shipment box that five of the DVD's I ordered were placed on "back-order" even though he charged me for them anyway. Now here's the real crummy part; the DVD's that were placed on back order and charged me for are Out of Print....which was the sole reason I bought those particular DVD's from his website.

So not only did he basically steal $40 from me (because I only $50 worth in the package) by assuming that I wouldn't know that those "back order" DVD's would NEVER be fulfilled and waited to tell me via a f***ing summary receipt when I got the package, but he also intentionally lied in the order confirmation email that clearly gave me a summary of all the DVD's that were confirmed to be in the package. (I still have that email)

Suffice to say, I'm never buying anime from that f***er ever again...
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