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The original post (in this thread) was summarising what some people were saying in response to a “look, there’s loads of 3D movies” comment. We see it quite often in these forums where people say “and people think 3D is dead. Ha ha ha.”. It’s not about there being a decline, it’s about demonstrating that there isn’t an increase in non-franchise/non-animation.

Basically the 3D movies being released are all the same. We’re not going to get ‘new’ people watching 3D if the movies are all the same. Imagine a yes/no survey question for cinema-goers that is “have you watched one or more 3D films this year”. Now ask yourself whether you think that number is going up or down and what’s required to increase that number. That is pulse of 3D movies.
Actually the top grossing movies are pretty much all released theatrically in 3D! And when the movies are making over $1BILLION each, I’d say pretty much anyone who likes movies would have seen them leaving very few “new” people to draw.

Whether a movie is a franchise/animated or not is simply an arbitrary qualification that you have added. The reality is that if everyone on earth went to see a franchise or animated movie in 3D, according to your logic it would still not be a good indicator of 3D simply because it was part of a franchise or animated.

Poor logic in my humble opinion but to each their own!
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