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Originally Posted by hariseldon View Post
Yeah the new redemption kept freaking me out when it automatically went to the MA site -- I kept hitting Back to see the titles. Once it got to MA and show the code the next step is nice b/c it shows all the movies available and it was really nice that it shows you what you already have/not have.

Redeemed my leftover Free Movie from early August and entered another 10 codes tonight, so got 3 new movies. I tried to grab items I'm less likely to buy the disc. I really wanted Miss Bala and Dog's Purpose, but I'm far more likely to buy those discs. Ended up grabbing Goosebumps 2, Possession of Hannah Grace, and The Front Runner. I suspect my next Free Movie will have to be Holmes and Watson b/c even with my low standards, I'm never paying a penny for that mess.
I did the same thing lol , but was looking for the new Code in the search bar. I guess the saw that glitch lol. well at least I wont have to over pay for Sony Reward codes anymore. still wouldnt mind picking up 2 more to finish my wifes first movie buff pass lol.
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