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Default Just bought Benq 1070.. need new screen?

1st I would like to say thank you all in this wonderful forum that help me out. Your help has been much appreciated!!! So I went to my local BestBuy and talked with them about a new Projector to see if they could price match. Which they didn't so I ordered it off the internet.

The Guy at BestBuy said that the screen may be more important than my projector...? He said that I should buy a $2,500 screen and I would get a better picture. Plus I could wait 2 yr and then get a 4K projector when they came down in price.

Whats a good deal for a Black Projector Screen?

Will I notice a "Big" difference switching from my white pull down screen?

Btw, I have a Finished Basement Theatre which lets 0 light in the room.

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