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Originally Posted by basserx View Post
I first preordered from Amazon at $249 which i thought was a great deal,then i visited my AV forum and found that Provantage are selling the 310 for $192! Dont wait to long, from my understanding prices are going up.

The Panasonic 310 is now available from several sources. Best Buy had then starting about 2 weeks ago and I just received one today that I ordered from Provantage (for just over $200 including shipping).

Originally Posted by StereoMike View Post
There's another option if you don't want to buy a new receiver. If Sony doesn't release a Dual HDMI outputs Blu-ray player in the coming months, that's what I'm going to use.

1X2 PRO Series Powered HDMI Splitter with 3D support (Rev. 2.0)

The idea of using an outboard HDMI splitter to give you 2 HDMI outputs will generally not solve the issue using a Blu-ray 3D player with a single HDMI output in combination with an AVR only equipped with HDMI 1.3a inputs and a 3DTV equipped with HDMI 1.4a inputs. Such HDMI splitters will report to the source device (the Blu-ray 3D player in this case) the least capable of the connected devices and as a result you will not get the lossless audio from the Blu-ray player being sent to the AVR when 3D discs are being played (lossless audio in HDMI 1.4a format is not encoded in the same way within the data stream as is done with HDMI 1.3a and HDMI splitters lack the processing to re-encode a 1.4a data stream into a HDMI 1.3a data stream format). In order to accommodate an AVR with HDMI 1.3a inputs plus a HDMI 1.4 equipped 3DTV you really need a Blu-ray 3D equipped with dual HDMI outputs intended to support this specific situation.

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