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Default Solved an interesting problem with a pair of used PSB400 speakers

Anyone familiar with Melvin Taylor and The Slack Band's rendition of "Texas Flood" ? Its a very deep bass heavy song. The PSB 400s that I purchased seemed to sound flabby and one notish during the lower notes unlike the PSB Original Alphas which seem tight and controlled, just not as much output is all. I had bought the speakers used and thought maybe they had been abused even though during the audition before purchasing them, I didn't hear any anomalies. The problem was with engaging the MP3 enhancer on my AVR which over drove the woofer in the bass department. When I switched out of that format and went to straight mode (which includes YPAO multipoint room correction) or pure direct which eliminates YPAO, the bass was clean and tight, with bass levels a lot lower than with MP3 enhancer engaged. They produce much more bass than the Alphas.
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