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Originally Posted by aces high View Post
Well like I said, even if you don't keep them it's still worth the cash to ship them back, a small price to pay to find out how far you'd like to take things.

I've got a buddy coming over tomorrow to have a listen, he's the only friend I've got in town who has a really nice system. He's running the Anthem D2v, Anthem P5 and just got some Monitor Audio Platinum's, I have yet to hear his MA's. So later tonight I'll take some measurements and get the 5.4's in the optimal position and then run Audyessy Pro.

Do you have many friends who are local that are into audio? Or do most of your friends think your nuts like mine do? I can't discuss anything about audio with them as the conversation always turns into how much the cost has been. Would rather not disclose that to people who aren't interested as they just don't understand.
What they don't understand either is how great a system can be for $2K but even 2 K for them it's still not worth it . Tried to get my brother in law to get some Rainmakers and an small Arcam IA for less than 2K but he thought it was too much , so now he has a Yamah 2 channel receiver driving some Energy CB-20, it's alright but not really on par with the Rainmakers Arcam combo.
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