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Originally Posted by tilallr1 View Post
Are you sure?

Did you compare it to the list of changes in the link below? I believe Canada got the PG-13 rating or in Canada PG-14. Which it clearly lists on the back. Not Unrated. The length of the film is the same but it appears to have been censored in Canada for some odd reason.

Please view the comparisons below and confirm for certain, thanks!
Forgot about this thread, but yes, I can confirm just in the first 2 minutes or so of the movie that the Canadian release has all of the Unrated scenes right from the get go. The first seen where guy shoots the other guy and it shows the blood stain on the wall and everything. I watched it when I first got it while I had the Movie Censorship page open to compare scenes. All seemed to be the Unrated cut. Its rated 14A on the back for Brutal Violence, Language May Offend and Not Recommended For Children. It doesn't give the option on the disc main menu to choose between a theatrical or unrated cut...Only seems to have the Unrated cut on disc. Alliance Films/Canada must be less strict when it comes to movie ratings? lol

Edit: Also, heres a little fun fact. On the back of TED Unrated Bluray it is also rated 14A, but on the discs it shows an R rating. I work at a video store and argue with kids under 14 who wanna rent TED every day it seems because I know the artwork may say 14A, but the discs say R, which i wont rent to kids under 17 lol

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