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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post
Actually, I am not sure what is going on with the PP. I am sorting my list by PP. And each time the cars are in different order. And a car is up high, like at 731, that wasn't there before I was looking at the details of another car, I click on it and the PP are lower then what they are when in list form. Its screwy. I wonder if this has something to do with the cars changing into different models. When I said that the rigidity bars made the PP lower, I would install them and they would drop down on the list 100 points. Now I don't know if the number for the PP in the list was the same when you clicked on the car's tuning though. Something weird is going on, and I'm too tired to figure it out, lol. But check it out. Sort your inventory by PP, check some car descriptions or put some parts on it and check the list again. Especially the Standard car list.
I've noticed the PP numbers are different depending on where you look at it too. But I think it is b/c certain screens don't take tuning into account.

I have not noticed a PP drop by adding the bars though. That's a little concerning to think about since I add those bars to pretty much EVERY vehicle. I can't imagine how this would create an actual performance decrease of any significance IRL other than possibly losing contact with the road easier on an uneven surface
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