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Originally Posted by Mavrick View Post
What I don't get is that every game is rated anyway. So are kids walking in to shops in America and picking up adult rated games and stores are selling it to them?

At least over here if the games got an 18 rating you are shit out of luck if you want to buy it and you're not 18+ Of course then it comes down to parents, I see plenty of parents coming in to pick up GTA and CoD for their 11 year old kids. Would they go out and buy them an ultra violent 18 cert film? So why do they buy them 18 rated games?

Just leave it to the parent then it's their fault simples.
The US is very odd in it's practices. It all depends on who wants to enforce what. When I worked at Babbages/Software Etc we had a manager that stood behind us on the ratings. We would have parents yelling and swearing at us because we wouldn't sell an M game to a 10 year old and that we "wasted their time" making them come up to the counter to buy it.

Then you have the flip side where places don't care because they just want their money. There's a rampant abuse of the Access Card here in Pennsylvania in the States (government issued card to buy necessities). The card has the persons name on it. Stores are supposed to check id when they're used. Most retailers don't check because why do they care who uses it? They just want their sale. So these people sell their cards for .50 on the dollar to friends or drug dealers.

You can put forth all the rules you want but if there's no consequence to not follow them nobody cares.
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