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Time, And Relative Dimensions In Space

Originally Posted by thecooldud View Post
According to sales statistics classic Who actually sells way more DVDs and Blus than the new series, so it's perhaps unsurprising the BBC wants to do more special editions and animations!

That's really good to know, as I'm a huge fan of the original classic series, but have hated the series reboot since it came back in 2005.

Thank You for that link.

I liked Christopher Eccleston as the Doc in that first season of the 2005 reboot, I thought he was good, and the series felt as if it had some potential early on in that first season, but unfortunately it soon became obvious the writers / producers of the reboot had no intention of making the series as it had been in the past, and the character, and manner of the Doctor were to be different, chiefly his relationships with his assistants. Which in the past were based on friendship, but were now to be more...romantic?! Quite ridiculous really (in my opinion), I mean the Doctor in 'love'? With his assistants?

Also the 2005 series reboot was obviously, intentionally meant to be more (for want of a better word), 'comedic' than its predecessor, and it's just been too odd, and silly in my opinion. The original was odd as well, yes, but not odd stupid, as the newer series has been.

The stories have been mostly dreadful, and just plain stupid. The characters annoying.

The reboot to me wound up being a huge disappointment, and I left it after the dreadful David Tennant took over, as by then it sunk in, it was never going to be anything other than what the new writers / producers wanted it to be - a Romantic Comedy set in time, and space.

I just can't relate to it, and don't wish to.

I really feel the BBC damaged the legacy of the original by bringing it back.

Sorry, I digress, I like the original only, but understand the reboot has been very popular.


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