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Does anyone race on iRacing? Its designed to have the ladder/license route of real racing. I was checking out steering wheel reviews on Sim Racing Tonight and they had an update about it. Looks very much like GT5, the difference being its on the PC, it has 45 REAL tracks and less cars. And it has actual, broadcasts of racing with announcers. And, it appears, real race car drivers actually race in some of these leagues. I thought GT5 is the pinnacle, but check this out. You have to get a license, this is a broadcast of one of the top races. This is unbelievable. They have broadcasts all the time it looks like with 12 week racing seasons you can join. This is what I thought GT5 is missing, announcing like Madden. And at the top, you actually race with real racers like Dale Jr, the guys racing in Grand AM, etc.. Earnhardt, Jr talking about racing on it, other race drivers using it, etc..

Talladega Race Broadcast.

3 screen set up, you can hear your pit crew telling you where cars are around you

Rookie Guide

Full Preview, although its way outdated.

EDIT: Although this looks super cool, according to support my wheels paddles are not mappable to the gas/brake, it has to be an analog control. Support thinks that the paddles are digital.

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