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If you're going for wide released blu-rays, it's kind of not worth it. If you want hard to find bootlegs, it's not bad. In both cases you can talk the vendors into giving you a deal (buy so many, get one free). However, you have to keep in mind the cost to get into the con. Plus, some vendors run out of stock if you go on Sunday (the cheapest day). Plus, Sundays are less exciting in general with less "celebrities" and people.

If you want autographs, artwork, or other horror related products, it's worth it. If you just want blu-rays, you're probably better off just ordering offline and not spending money on a ticket.

I'm kind of debating going myself since I practically live down the street from the convention center. They're fun, but only for a few hours before it gets boring and everyone is just trying to take your money.
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