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Originally Posted by KivaSeeker View Post
Hello. I've been curious for a very long time, and I'd like to resolve some specific questions. I have a 4K samsung 40 in TV. Just to give you some idea, it is not new. It's a really good TV! I've always kind of wondered, especially as long as I've owned shows from the Dragon Ball series, with it's Japanese mono, if a soundbar was capable of improving that? I don't have sound issues for 99% of my collection, but Dragon Ball and old super sentai shows are the exception.

I always watch the original Japanese and would never bother with the dub. Besides, any benefit to this would be a benefit for my entire collection! Really though, the greatest need is only because of a couple shows. Still super cool though, if everything's better with a soundbar! Thanks!
You have to tell us what you a listening to now. Are you listening to TV speakers? If so most certainly a sound bar would be better than TV speakers.

If you want help with suggestions for a soundbar it would be helpful if you gave us a budget. Some soundbars cost hundreds of dollars while others cost thousands.
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