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I love having di-pole surrounds and one day I will try them in bi-pole mode, it’s just that Monitor Audio suggested that if you have all four, then a person should use them in di-pole mode.

Then I read this comment in the first post by Big Daddy:

As a general rule, timbre matching between the front and surround speakers is not an important issue. However, if you consider this issue to be important, you may not be able to get good voice matching between the Monopole front speakers and Dipole surround speakers because of the out-of-phase nature of the Dipole speakers. You may have a better chance of timbre matching between Monopole front speakers and Bipole surround speakers because the speakers are in phase and will not work against each other.
That statement has raised my brow abit and has me wondering, shouldn’t a company that makes the entire set, compensate for this to make them match or become extremely close?

I honestly hear and know that they timbre match perfectly. He does state “you may not”, so I figure Monitor Audio worked on that problem.

One of the biggest differences I find with direct and having di-pole is location. Having in the past direct radiating speakers, I noticed when an effect would happen in the surround speakers, I would turn my head towards that speaker. While with di-pole, I am looking around the room, instead of pin pointing the effect/speaker. These effects truly make my movie watching much more enjoyable, and well worth the extra bucks compared to direct radiating surround speakers.

Of course, the wife and I have come across something that seems to be a problem with having di-pole speakers instead of direct radiating.

Having direct radiating and being able to pin pointing the noise with all the lights out, rather sets your mind as ease, because you know where the sound is coming from.


Having di-pole and not pin pointing the sound, we were not sure if the effect was from the movie or something is going on in our home. The problem would be, having to pause and listening to see if something is going outside of what we were watching. This has happened several times.

One effect of not being able to pin point the sound in a movie I recently watched. Some guys were in the car talking and it was raining outside, and the drips on the roof seem to encompass us, making us feel like we were in the vehicle with them and not coming from a certain part of the room.
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