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Originally Posted by HAMP View Post
I love having di-pole surrounds and one day I will try them in bi-pole mode, it’s just that Monitor Audio suggested that if you have all four, then a person should use them in di-pole mode.

Then I read this comment in the first post by Big Daddy:

That statement has raised my brow abit and has me wondering, shouldn’t a company that makes the entire set, compensate for this to make them match or become extremely close?

I honestly hear and know that they timbre match perfectly. He does state “you may not”, so I figure Monitor Audio worked on that problem.
Timbre matching between front speakers and surround speakers, particularly if you are using bipole/dipole surround speakers, is a non issues. Don't waste your energy. As you experienced it yourself, with bipole/dipole surround speakers, you are hearing the room and not the speakers. Monopole surround speakers may have an advantage as far as mathcing the front speakers is concerned, but then again I even consider timbre matching between the three front speakers a bit overrated. We don't live in an anechoic chamber. In a typical home theater room, even the right and the left speakers may not sound alike.

I use six surround speakers. Each set is from a different company.

Side Surround A: Two Bipole PSB Image S50
Side Surround B: Two Bipole Def Tech BPX
Rear Surround: Two Bose 901

The Bose 901 speakers are curved. Each speaker has nine full-range drivers and most of the drivers are on the back of the speakers shooting toward the rear wall. They create a huge soundfield. When used as front speakers in a two-channel setup, you get the feeling that your sitting in a concert hall. The surround sound in my home theater is so good that I sometimes intentionally turn off the front speakers to just listen to the surround speakers.
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