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I posted this in the other thread, but will do here as well. They are clearly use the "Killer Extras" DVD from the original From Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set; hopefully all of the extras from the later Ultimate editions will make it.

The Killer Extras disc had:

Chronicles feature (1 hour, 43 minutes)
Behind the Gore (about 30 minutes)
Crystal Lake Victims Tell all (about 15 minutes)
Tales from the Cutting Room Floor (17 mins)
Artifacts and Collectibles (7 mins)
Trailers (maybe about 20 mins?) that's a little over three hours accounted for on that disc. The other extras will likely be the Ultimate Edition ones and be on the individual discs.

Wonder if they will keep the Part 3 commentary from the original DVD box set; probably not, which means I'll still have to hold on to that. They will most likely use the same Blu discs for 1-3, which means no commentary and no new 3D transfer.

(Best Buy also had the bonus DVD of the Weekend of Horrors Jason panel entitled "Jason Forever", which ran 29 minutes...might have to hold on to that one as well) EDIT: thanks to bigdaddyhorse for reminding me that this IS on the existing Blu of Part 2 (although in standard def, but at least it's there!)

I just looked at the other thread and saw it was posted there. I just happened to sign on, see this thread first and come here first.


It is good news though.

I was able to get in a PS4 preorder -- and now this all in one morning. Not bad.