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I've seen the ones you're referring to, they look like regular sun glasses but are active, styled like the passive pairs. Sony needs to get on the ball and create a lighter, more comfortable set of 3D active glasses for their sets. For many sets, the ear stems dig into the side of the head, and the nose bridge digs deep into the nose, probably creating the headache so many probably complain about when they first try 3D. Terrible early 3D glasses designs, Sony. Just as bad as the Sega Master System's 3D Glasses.

Yes, strong 3D in Avatar and Titanic 3D. For equally strong 3D with plenty more pop outs, don't miss Silent Hill Revelation 3D, due on blu ray 3D 2013 and one of the best 3D examples in a movie I've ever seen.

Agreed. Madagascar 3 3D great pop outs. Rise of the Guardians 3D has the same strong 3D, but fewer pop outs.

Saw it for 21 bucks, will have to check it out now, being a fan of martial arts and Jet Li. Thanks.
I finally finish 'Sword' and while the 3D is great for the most part, the film is absolutely diabolically bad and I actually usually quite like these kinds of films.

The story is just RIDICULOUS!
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