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Premiere Pro CS3 won't import the files straight in, so you have no chance with Premiere Pro 2. Not sure if CS4 does or not, it SHOULD. But most new editing systems do support AVCHD, even if they transcode them to a more suitable format for editing. Primary focus on camera as maximum storage space, so the files are compressed. Editing systems like to "decompress" the files, to make it easier for frame accurate editing, this process is easy, and usually does it automatically on importing.
The SR12 is a great camera, and I highly recommend it. For 2009, the XR520V replaces it, and improves on the already great optical image stabilizer, and improves in low-light performance with the back-lit CMOS sensor.
iMovie '08, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro 6, Sony Vegas Pro 8 definitely work with these cameras, and there are many more.
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