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Originally Posted by Hayabusa85 View Post
Wasn't impressed at all with W802a (Well I liked aspects of it but the black levels in particular killed it for me on top of clouding and DSE) so I decided to give the W900 a chance instead which came in yesterday. After months of being anal about TV's (Including the HX850) and many returns later I think I have finally settled on a TV. Loving it so far. Not noticing any DSE, light bleed (The one thing that really killed the HX850 for me) or stuff like that that bothers me. Blacks, colors and PQ are fantastic. Still didn't game on it a lot but for anybody that has read some of the initial reviews popping up the input lag does indeed seem to be as impressive as the are saying. Need to pick up a 4K Master Blu-Ray to test out the wider color gamut better. My pictures won't do it justice since my camera isn't very TV picture taking friendly and my picture taking skills are below par too But pictures in the spoiler tags.

[Show spoiler]

I like the colors and style of Helter Skelter so it always seems to be one of the first things I test out a TV with

Looks impressive.
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