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Originally Posted by Filmmaker View Post
Well, a "first look" implies a second...and a third...and so on...
Originally Posted by IdeaOfEvil View Post
Why would the tweet name out the entire series name 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' if they were only referring to the station's appearance in the one episode?
Yeah, I think those are both definitely tells which reveal CBS's ultimate intentions to remaster the entire series ala TNG, even if it can't be construed as an official announcement. It's definitely not and I don't expect any kind of separate trailer for DS9 on the TNG S6 set.

It's just far too early. I think this is merely clever social media marketing. They're really just talking about "Birthright, Part I" as others have already pointed out. But I think there's no question we will be well into collecting season sets of HD DS9 when the next film is in theaters for the 50th Anniversary in 2016.
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