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Originally Posted by Lope de Aguirre View Post
Oh hell yes.

The third season was a lot better than S. 1+2 and from the 4. season onwards you imo can see the best Trek seasons of them all.
Joined just to comment on this thread. As I recall S3 of DS9 aired at during the last season of TNG. If that's the case, S3 was the year that DS9 became better than TNG. The writing had improved and, as I recall, TNG went down a bit in the last season (though it still had some great episodes, like All Good Things).

From S3 on, the show got better and better (though the 2nd half of the last DS9 Ep was not as strong as All Good Things).

There's a reason that TV Guide called it the best Trek. It put current events in a different context where you actually ended up rooting for the terrorists. That's Sci Fi for you. But that's what Trek always tried to do. What DS9 did better than any of the others was character development. Even minor characters were well rounded and changed over time.

I haven't watched the show since the DVDs came out (they look pretty bad now), but I know I found the series stood up well. I liked how they incorporated minor asides from the first 2 seasons into mythology of the series. I'm semi-interested in TNG (as I recall the first 2 seasons were not nearly as good as I remembered), but DS9 is what I crave.
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