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There's a reason that TV Guide called it the best Trek. It put current events in a different context where you actually ended up rooting for the terrorists. That's Sci Fi for you. But that's what Trek always tried to do. What DS9 did better than any of the others was character development. Even minor characters were well rounded and changed over time.
I remember, when they were airing, Sisko and Janeway were referred to as "Commander Grumpy and Captain Coldfish", since the series were so intent on following Patrick Stewart's lead for "stalwart" captains, they forgot to add that note of Stewart or Shatner's charm that a starship captain enjoys what he does. That didn't really come back until Scott Bakula's populist Earth-ambassador optimism as Capt. Archer on the first two seasons of Enterprise, and even THAT had to be undercut just to give S3 more "serious action".

I'd tried showing the first few episodes of DS9 to a loyal but casual Trek fan who'd only watched a mainstreamer's bit of Classic but had gotten hooked on TNG. They gave up on DS9 saying it was "too gray and bleak"--mostly referring to Odo's perpetual huffiness, Kira's constant PMS'ing and the literally gray Cardassians--but it wasn't until I started watching the series again on Netflix that I realized that was the appeal:
Staying in one place, there were more "conspiracies" on the series, more season-long strategizing of plots-within-plots, and less of the optimism that the Federation was going out there to make the galaxy a better place. It also helped that they had more interesting characters than Voyager (particularly with Quark's anti-idealist sense of "opportunity" stealing every episode)...And while it didn't go completely over the edge into spitting on Federation ideals like Enterprise S3 did, at least it finally gave Commander Grumpy--who read every line like he was narrating an Allstate commercial--more chance to display a sense of conscience and establish some of that "Stalwart captain" thing they were aiming for.

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