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Default write an email to CBS asking for DS9 on blu?

Link to executives at CBS. Polite notes on the topic might help? It's very much of a long shot, but....?

Here's my note, which was sent about two weeks ago. I did not get get a reply.


Everyone in my family enjoys watching Star Trek. The various Star Trek shows are, in fact, our favorite TV programs. We've purchased all of the blu-rays for the original Star Trek and for The Next Generation as soon as they were released. As you know, the picture and sound quality are incredible. It's like watching these shows again for the first time. And the bonus features and documentaries are also a lot of fun. Since we have kids in our family, we appreciate that Star Trek can be enjoyed by everyone.

We are also fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (as well as Voyager), and have been looking forward to the announcement that these shows too are going to be rebuilt and remastered for blu-ray. We are obviously voting with our wallets by buying Star Trek: The Next Generation on blu-ray the day each season is released. Is there hope for Deep Space Nine to come to blu-ray too?

Best wishes and thanks"
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