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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post
I have all 4 of those cars, I will send you the last two today. Or at least I should have all 4, who knows if they are still there. I have been tweeting everyone about this issue including Kaz. GT Planet was the only that tweeted back and said that some in their forums (duh, me) have reported it. My question was does PD know about it and are they working on it. Never found my NSX Prototype.

I checked out those cars on that website. I really don't like how they leave the back end off the Gallardo. Or maybe they put it on and just have it off for for the photos. And that company may be advertising in du Pont because there is a tuner with an A8 that looks like that one in an ad I saw.
Thanks, appreciate it. I've seen the GT-One several times, but of course now that I actually have the funds it won't show up. And I've seen 3 Ford Falcon's in the past week. And today the Ford GT 02 went through, which I bargained tooth and nail for the week before the trade bans went through. Whatever.

That is funny that GTP said someone in the forums mentioned it. Derrrrrr. Is it just "hidden" underneath another car's pic and info or completely missing altogether?

And yeah, I would hope the Gallardo is just without the back end. A lot of cars have that back-end pic with the body gone, so it makes sense.
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