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Originally Posted by Kleeberg View Post
My signature was not self promoting anything. My last two signatures have not been promoting anything, yet you keep deleting them.

Doesn't matter if you don't have a sense of humor or if I'm on your 'naughty list' for past offenses of self promotion - if the signature is following the rules set forth, stop deleting it. If you have a problem with it, act like a human being and have a conversation.
I had my signature removed once as well, and tried in vain to get anyone to tell me why. I've never used a signature again because I've never received a helpful answer and I don't want to be banned for repeating whatever it was I did wrong the first time. What I did learn is that some are due to an automated removal system, but there's also no log as to the reason why. The times I get frustrated with this site are when there is no accountability, and no opportunity for users to learn and correct whatever rules the management is enforcing. Good luck finding those rules or inquiring about them either.

Marwin (Developer) responded to me in a post, but I don't see an option to quote the post. It reads:
I think it's rare that signatures are changed by mods, but we do have automatic anti-spam/advertising type scripts that run and clean out signatures. I'm guessing that's what happened and that there was no actual mod on a power trip. Sorry about that.

Edit: Just thought I'd add that signature changes are indeed not logged in vBulletin as far as I'm aware.
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