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I guess I liked it, and will continue with it but there were some stuff that realy did not make any sense to me, which is sad for an "enigmatic" show.

Such as, why was there a diamond with supposedly an ancient map carved in it of a Nazi sub with a dead person in it?

And why would the old man (who should have been incredibly old) tell a bunch of strangers his big secret (also if he built that old clock during Nazi germany the character would need to be 90-100 while the actor looked more like 70's)

Also on a side note, it might just be me, but if you will be in "NY" don't go with very obvious shots of distinctive Montreal landmarks. When they showed that aerial view of the park my first thought was "isn't that dominion square? then they showed 1000 de La Gauchetière
and Chateau Champlain and the guy on the overpass from the hotel to the park
and I was sitting there wondering if I missed where they followed the bad guy to Montreal just to see the "NY" cop cars.
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