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Originally Posted by Genocide316 View Post
My seating arangement is currently in a corner of my room due to how my room is designed. Given my Klipsch S1 speakers (which will more than likely change at some point). Could I mount one on the wall behind and one to the side wall? Or would it be best to have them both mounted behind? They are currently both sitting on end tables at the moment. The way my room is currently arranged I could mount them behind me but i'm considering swapping everything and doing a 180 with my gear/sofa. Attached is a pic. Any help is much appreciated!

The first thing you should do is try to rearrange the room so that your sofa is not against the wall. When you sit against the wall, the bass becomes too loud and boomy. Sitting in a corner and having a suwoofer placed another corner against the walls will make the bass very tiring and may give you a headache after a couple of hours. In general, there should be as much distance between the listening sofa and the rear wall as your room will allow.

It really doesn't matter whether the surround speakers are attached to the side walls or to the rear wall as long as both of them have the same height and are on the same line.

In your current setup, you can attach one surround speaker to the side wall and attach the other one to the ceiling with a couple of angled and straight brackets from Home Depot. The brackets have hole in them and you can use screws and nuts to attach them together to make sure the height of both seakers is the same. Three of my surround speakers are attached to the ceiling with these type of brackets. Only one is attached to the side wall. The brackets are relatively inexpensive.

The other option is to attach one surround speaker to the side wall and put the other one on a tall speaker stand as in the following diagram. Make sure the height of the two speakers is the same.

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