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Default Good News - 2nd edition of H.265/HEVC Approved

The executive summary has been released from last week's meeting of ITU-T SG16. The extensions to HEVC have been approved ('consented' in ITU terminology). This removes one technical roadblock for getting the BD UHD spec. completed and allows the manufacturers to move forward with designing/producing the HEVC related hardware/software that will used with BD UHD.

(full text of exec. summary is at:

Below is extracted directly from that summary:

"Video coding: The 2nd edition of ITU-T H.265 HEVC was Consented It includes three important types of extensions of HEVC coding capabilities, that will increase the quality of compressed video and better user experience:

1.Format range extensions of HEVC, known as RExt, adding improved colour representations. RExt includes support for higher bit-depths and enhanced chroma formats, including the use of full-resolution chroma.

2.Scalable extensions of HEVC, known as SHVC, enabling better performance for dynamic video streaming on networks with varying transmission conditions and other scenarios involving multiple bit-rate services. SHVC adds support for embedded bitstream scalability in which different levels of encoding quality are efficiently supported by adding or removing layered subsets of encoded data.

3.Multiview extensions of HEVC, known as MV-HEVC, as the first native support for 3D video encoding in HEVC. It provides an efficient representation of video content with multiple camera views and optional depth map information, such as for 3D stereoscopic and autostereoscopic video applications."
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